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Total Solutions for Renewable Power – Inverters and Solar Solutions for Africa.

Liberia, Nigeria, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Cameroun, Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa.

Reocomm Solar Systems (RSS) is the Power Arm of Reocomm Group  Inc.

We have our presence is several African Countries and are poised to deliver and Maintain the Highest Standards of Safety on the Field.


Reocomm Solar Systems(RSS) offers solar measuring software and tools to solar energy installers, architects, contractors, and energy conscious consumers regarding the placement and installation of solar gather devices for buildings and other structures. Its tools can be used to find the best places for solar setups, provide immediate payback estimates, and to make energy instillation recommendations.

Reocomm Solar Systems (RSS) combines the world’s long-term environmental needs with overall economic value to the consumer.

Go Solar in 5 Simple Steps

Adding solar panels to your establishment is simple with Reocomm Solar Systems (RSS). Get added peace of mind, knowing that Reocomm Solar Systems (RSS), with good experience, will custom-designed your solar electric system to get the most out of your roof.

Step 1:  Request a FREE solar consultation from an authorized center of Reocomm Solar Systems (RSS).

Step 2: Reocomm Solar Systems (RSS) engineers will custom design your solar system based on your energy needs.

Step 3: Reocomm Solar Systems (RSS) will install your solar system, schedule, and coordinate all necessary inspections required.

Step 4: Reocomm Solar Systems (RSS) will work with the utility company to connect your solar system to the grid.

Step 5: Start enjoying immediate savings.

Types of solar systems placement for your Premises.

All solar systems from Reocomm Solar Systems (RSS) are custom-designed by our engineers to meet your energy usage and professionally installed by Reocomm Solar Systems (RSS) trained, installers.

Rooftop solar systems

Rooftop solar systems are the most popular option for solar owners because roofs usually have enough space and are well-suited for maximum energy production. Your roof should be unshaded and ideally facing toward SSE and SSW for best results. Reocomm Solar Systems (RSS) installer can access your establishment suitability for solar and provide you with a report detailing your projected savings with solar.

Benefits of a Reocomm Solar Systems (RSS) rooftop solar system:

  • Option of silver or black solar panels to meet your desired look Withstands extreme environmental conditions.
  • Maintains the integrity of your roof.
  • Easily installed on flat or sloped roofs.
  • Provides shade to cool home in summer, warm home in cold season.
  • Installed by a company-trained Reocomm Solar Systems (RSS) installers.

Ground solar systems

A ground mount solar system is ideal if you need a larger system than your roof will accommodate and have the available space on your property.

Benefits of a Reocomm Solar Systems (RSS) ground mount solar system:

  • Securely anchored to the ground.
  • Withstands extreme environmental conditions.
  • Easily installed on nearly every contour at a variety of heights and tilt angles.
  • Raised mounting structures, like car ports, also available.
  •   Installed by a company-trained Reocomm Solar Systems (RSS) installers.

Only recently, however, have we developed the ability to harness the sun’s awesome power. The resulting technologies have promising implications for the future of renewable energy and sustainability. Below, we’ve given a brief on solar power, how it works, and what may be in store for the future of solar.

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