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Our modern CCTV Cameras come in handy for both analogue and digital systems. These systems can be installed for either inside surveillance, outside surveillance or even for underwater surveillance .Indoor cameras are ideal for schools, homes, offices among others. They can be mounted in any suitable place inside a building. On the other hand outdoor CCTV Cameras are mostly used to check entry and exit points.


Outdoor 5G Wireless video transmission device (CPE)


  • Support outdoor temperature:-30:~70:, industrial design;
  • Wireless coverage recommended range≤3km;
  • Radio-frequency mouth anti-thunder reaches 15KV ESD;
  • Support auto ranging function, real time display straight line distance between client and base station;
  • Support device auto reboot function;
  • 5G mode support 5745~5825MHz(extended range:


  • Support flow control, effectively control base station/client input/output flow control;
  • Support VLAN partition, realize virtual local network function, control broadcast storm
  • Support 802.1x authentication method, effectively guarantee client access control, provide access safety.
  • Support client priority setting, better dispatch each client when the mode is point-to-multipoint
  • Support multiple channel option (5M/10M/20M/40M), effectively improve anti-interference and penetration capability.

Networking mode


  1. Point-to-Point Networking

For point-to-point communication, generally a DH-PFM880 (or DH-PFM881)is set as access point,

and the other DH-PFM881 is set as client, as demonstrated below.

  1. Point-to-Multipoint Networking

For point-to-multipoint communication, generally adopt DH-PFM880 as server, and it is set as access point (different “frequency/channel” should be set when there are several access points in order to prevent interference), DH-PFM881 (or DH-PFM880) is set as client, as demonstrated below.



  1. Back-to-Back Angle Adjustment Network

For wireless coverage blind angle, cable connection for double devices is recommended, which can solve the problem of angle by adjusting two directions respectively; the back-to-back connection for double devices can also be applied to long-distance repeater, as demonstrated below.

  1. Integrated Wireless Coverage Networking

In the actual project, we may use point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, repeater between point-to-point, direction adjustment and several other ways of integrated application at the same, as demonstrated below.

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